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ARCH Emerging Markets Partners Limited Complaints Handling Procedures

How to make a complaint

A complaint can be made by phone or in writing, by post, email or in person free of charge to the Complaints Officer (Head of Compliance). The Complainant shall explain in details the facts behind the complaint, providing all relevant supporting documentation if applicable. If sending the complaint by Post, it should be sent to the principal place of business of ARCH Emerging Markets Partners Limited:

Head of Compliance
70-72 Jermyn Street
4th Floor
London SW1Y 6NY
United Kingdom

Phone: General number +44 203 974 7700

For complaints by email, please send to

Processing time for complaints

ARCH Emerging Markets Partners limited aim to provide a response within 10 working days. In the event that, for whatever reason, the complaint cannot be resolved within 10 working days, contact will be made to inform on the situation.

Investigation stages involving complaints that are complex in nature, involve members of senior management or are certain to require investigation for any reason, Acknowledgement of the receipt of a complaint will be made within 10 working days, with a full response is to be provided within 8 weeks.