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Premium performance of non-spherical by-products in high-value applications

22 Aug , 2022

Evolution Energy Minerals (“Evolution” or the “Company”) (ASX: EV1, FSE: P77) is pleased to report the results of a demonstration project conducted by its US-based technology partner to create premiumperformance electrically conductive coatings and conductivity enhancement materials.

The demonstration projects have produced conductivity enhancement additives and coatings utilizing the finely-sized, ultra-high-purity graphite generated as a by-product in the Company’s process of making spherical graphite for anodes in lithium-ion batteries. Based on testing to date, approximately 36% of the feedstock to the spherical graphite flowsheet generates the non-spherical by-product.

The results reported in this announcement demonstrate the ability to access lucrative market opportunities for this material, indicating the potential to generate value-added revenue from up to 100% of the fine flake concentrate from Chilalo.

Phil Hoskins, Managing Director of Evolution Energy Minerals, commented: “We are extremely pleased that Chilalo graphite has not only proven itself to be an exceptional anode material for lithium-ion batteries but also that the non-spherical by-product can find lucrative uses in value-added electrically conductive applications.”

“While our commercialisation priority is firmly on the use of Chilalo graphite in the production of anode material for lithium-ion batteries, the ability to utilise the non-spherical by-product in high-value electrically conductive applications is a significant opportunity that we plan to advance in parallel with the production of battery anode materials.”

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